Working on.

Hey guys. Cosplay progress has been really slow lately, mostly because we really can’t afford fabric at the moment and because my sewing machine is at home and we aren’t at home at the moment because it is getting fixed by EQC. But what we will start working on very very soon is Kakashi, Deidara, The Fourth Hokage, Sakura, and Sasori. So far we have done a Kaiba coat but we still need a wig and those buckle things that go around his arms and legs; and a Jaden Jacket which i’m having to ‘renovate’ because i wasn’t very happy with how it turned out…so i’m going to redo the collar, the white neck decoration and the zip….also i need a wig and i need to buy a duel disk. We’ve only got the original yugioh duel disks, i would love an academy one.

Anywho, i’ll be sure to give you another update once progress picks up speed, but for now i would have to say that that is about all i can tell you at the moment. So, see ya guys.


Post by ryubakura; author of the blog: Diary of an Elite Duelist.


It’s time to duel!

Hey, We’re *Team Stardust*! We’re a crazy cosplay group from little old New Zealand. We’re fairly new to the cosplay scene but we certainly intend to make our mark and produce the best cosplays that we can.

What got us into cosplay?- Well, i think what first got us into cosplay was  watching cosplay videos on youtube, we had already been heavily into anime and manga; mostly yugioh and narut, so our love for the crazy hobby grew from there. We have many inspirations including; “We *Heart* Card Games” productions a really awesome cosplay group from America; Fighting Dreamers, from Canada; and Sunshine Duelists from America.

Our name?- Why *Team Stardust*, we had trouble coming up with a group name and we all think Stardust Dragon is pretty cool so i guess it seemed logical.

Whos who?- Founders= LordCelticGuardian, Dairoku-Kazekage; CoFounder/s=Darthjader100; plus we also have Tristan,  and PuppeteerSasori.